Advertising with Google Ads

With Google Ads, we turn clicks into opportunities, awareness into consideration, and vision into action to drive your business’s online success.

How It Works

In our specialized Google Ads service, we are dedicated to enhancing your company’s awareness, consideration, and action. With a comprehensive advertising strategy, we create impactful search ads on Google, captivating videos on YouTube, and striking banners across the web.

From the moment we activate the strategy, your business will experience a significant increase in visibility. We focus on generating tangible results: you’ll receive calls and inquiries from day one, connecting with those looking to purchase your products and services.

We excel in optimizing every aspect of the campaign, from keyword selection to ad creativity, ensuring an effective online presence. Trust us to boost your digital presence and turn every click into an opportunity for your business’s success.

Through pay-per-click (SEM) advertising, you can attract quality traffic to your website. These visitors will turn into potential customers to whom you can sell your products or services. It’s crucial to appear at the top positions of major search engines, and this is only possible with a customized solution tailored to your business needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an SME, or a large corporation, standard solutions are not enough.

With YouTube, we can help your business achieve various goals such as awareness, consideration, or action. According to an Ipsos study, 40% of shoppers say they have purchased products after discovering them on YouTube. Additionally, it shows that potential customers who visit an advertiser’s website after interacting with their brand on YouTube spend more money than users coming from other sources. That’s why we implement different strategies by combining the best audience with the right video format, such as bumper ads, TrueView for reach, TrueView for action, masthead, and more.

At PHARGOSS, we create ads that appear as banners across the web. These ads are a combination of images and text, and can also include audio, video, or other interactive formats. Typically, banners appear at the top or sides of web pages.

Additionally, we design remarketing campaigns. Everyone who visited your website will see your company’s ads for 30 days, aiming to convert them into potential customers.


We design solid advertising strategies from the ground up. We start with detailed research to understand your audience, competition, and business objectives. Our Google Ads strategy focuses on maximizing visibility and achieving impactful results.


The key to a successful Google Ads campaign lies in continuous optimization. We meticulously monitor and adjust every detail to ensure maximum performance. From keywords to ads, we make sure your investment translates into tangible results.


In a world full of ads, standing out is crucial. We create creative and persuasive ads that capture your audience’s attention. From copywriting to graphic design, every element is carefully crafted to generate clicks and meaningful conversions.

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